February 8, 2017:  The new Maynard ARRT bridge was installed today. The video is here.

October 8, 2016:  The foundation for the new bridge in downtown Maynard is almost finished. Next up will be the entire bridge installed as one piece by a crane.

September/October 2016 Construction Forecast
White Pond Road to Great Road
  • Fine Grading for Bike Path (Path Closed)
  • Winter St Wall Construction– September into Late October
  • Grading for Ice House Landing Parking Lot
Great Road to Sudbury Street
  • Fine Grading for Bike Path- September - October
Maynard Center- Sudbury Street to Florida Road
  • Curb, Sidewalk and Path Construction
  • Binder Course Paving on Bike Path- October
  • Railroad St Walls Construction– into October
  • Cold Plane and Pave Downtown Roads- Mid to late October
  • Utility Pole Relocations – Ongoing
Assabet Bridge
  • Form and Pour new Bridge Abutments, Backfill & Grading Embankment in late October
  • Earthwork and Subbase for Path Mid-October into November
CVS Parking Lot
  • Retaining Wall Construction-Ongoing into October
  • Drainage, Curb, Sidewalk and Path Construction Ongoing through November
  • Utility Pole Relocations- Ongoing
Acton Boardwalk Area
  • Form and Pour Abutments
  • Site Preparation and Pile Installation for Boardwalk – Mid October through November
Fort Pond Bridge to Maple Street Area
  • Site Preparation- September - November
July 24, 2016:  The Acton-Maynard construction started 2 weeks ago and the speed of the initial work has been breathtaking. More photos can be found in the new Construction gallery.

Who: MassDOT Highway Administrator Tom Tinlin
When: Thursday July 21 at 10:00 AM
Where: The corner of Main Street and Sudbury Street, Maynard

MassDOT Highway Administrator Tom Tinlin will join area officials at a ground breaking event to recognize the commencement of the Assabet River Rail Trail construction project. This Rail Trail project links the Assabet River National Wildlife refuge with the downtown Maynard business district and the South Acton Commuter Rail Station, providing an alternative transportation option.

The next ARRT meeting will be May 18, 2017 at the Acton Memorial Library.
Monthly ARRT meetings are open to the public. Anyone interested in our activities are invited to attend. Meetings start at 7:00 PM and finish before 8:30. The complete ARRT calendar is here.
  The ARRT can now accept donations and membership dues online. We are using the GuideStar-Network for Good system. More details and the payment link are here.

May 30, 2016:  Exciting news: the Acton-Maynard construction ‘Notice to Proceed’ was issued on May 27th. Winning bidder is D'Allessandro Corp of Avon MA. More details to follow.

March 15, 2016:  Eversource is having a public presentation of their proposed Sudbury-Hudson power line, hosted at the Hudson Town Hall. An overview of their plan is here. This is of interest to the ARRT and MCRT communities, because a line down the old Mass Central RR right-of-way would open it up to eventualy become another 7.6 miles of the Mass Central Rail Trail and as the alternate route for the ARRT around the Stow stalemate. The meeting date and time is on the ARRT calendar page.

September 19, 2015:  MassDOT advertised the Acton-Maynard trail project for construction. The bidding closes on February 23, 2016, with the winning bidder selected in April-May and construction starting in June-July. Once construction starts, it will take 2 years to finish.
The town of Acton has started a blog to track the progress of the construction.

August 3, 2015:  The 100% design for the Acton-Maynard section was sent by the engineering firm to MassDOT. The document is here.

May 18, 2015:  The 2015 Annual Maynard Town Meeting approved 4 ARRT related items. Included were ROW easements, the rezoning of the old 'Quirk' property for residential use, and a new Acton Street sidewalk for improved trail access.

May 1, 2015:  May 1st was Senior Community Service Day at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. Nineteen students volunteered to work on the Acton and Maynard parts of the trail. Under the supervision of David Mark, long-time ARRT volunteer, the students, armed with loppers, weed whips, rakes and hand saws, cleared the trail of downed branches and new growth - making it a safer place to run, walk or ride a bike. The students also cleared overgrowth and dead trees at the Marble family homestead historical site, adjacent to the Trail, in north Maynard.

April 7, 2015:  The 2015 Annual Acton Town Meeting had it's final ARRT related warrant, to appropriate up to $170,000 for the last required ROW easement. The vote was unanimous.

April 1, 2015:  The required Maynard and Acton Conservation Commissions approval process started with public hearings on March 17th and April 1st, in each town. Each commission received an environmental presentation from the engineering firm and their consultants. UPDATE: both town's conservation boards voted to approve the conservation aspects of the trail.