ARRT Grant Funding Approved

The federal government recently approved $17 million in funding for transportation enhancements in Massachusetts, which includes the grant proposal submitted by the five ARRT towns last spring to aquire the legal rights to the ARRT route. Each town's selectmen have received notice that the grant has been approved under the Massachusetts

Transportation Enhancements Program guidelines.

Release of the funds is pending the towns' completion of appraisals to determine the fair market value of the ARRT parcels within their boundaries. Appraisals are required for the ARRT towns to enter into contract with the Massachusetts Highway Department, who will administer the grants.

Each town must submit a request for proposal for the appraisals, then contact with two appraisers on Mass. Highway's list of approved appraisers. As with most expenditures, funds for the appraisals must be approved by each town's Town Meeting.

The grant will provide $668,000 to acquire the legal rights for the continuous 12.5 mile right-of-way, and $105,000 for designing the four-mile segment from Marlborough to Hudson. The ARRT grant is second on the list of regional priorities.

The federal funds are specifically earmarked for transportation enhancements, and are separate from funding for the Big Dig.

Focus Group to Study ARRT-Wayside Connection

ARRT and Wayside Trail volunteers will be forming a focus group the study how to route the two trails through downtown Hudson. Connectng the trails in Hudson is one of the key issues facing each project. Volunteers familiar with pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle traffic in downtown Hudson are encouraged to participate.

Contact Jeff Richards, 568-1864.

Thank You, ARRT Contrlbutors

Your generous contributions support the efforts of the ARRT volunteers to make the Assabet River Rail Trail a reality. Your financial support pays for this newsletter, our brochure, and our other efforts to build community support for this valuable project.

Thank you to all who have contributed.

Spring Town Meeting Dates

ARRT volunteers can show their support at their towns' spring Town Meetings. With the release of grant money pending, there may be important warrant articles, which could affect ARRT, at each Town Meeting. Dates for the spring Town Meetings are:

        Meeting         Warrant Deadline
Acton	Early April	Early January
Hudson	May 4	        Mid-January
Maynard	May18	        Late-March
Stow	May 18	        Mid-March

Contact your town office for more inforrnation.

Next ARRT Volunteer's Meeting December 11

The next ARRT volunteers meeting will be Thursday, December 11, at 7:00p.m., in the downstairs meeting room at the Hudson Public Library.

ARRT Updating Contact List

To be certain that we are reaching our supporters and the key decision makers in each town, ARRT volunteers George Mongeau and Mark Geoffloy are coordinating an effort to update our contact list. Please return the enclosed reply card today with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. If you do not return the reply card, your name may be removed from our mailing list.

Contact George Mongeau, 568-3390 or Mark Geoffloy, 485-0747.

Thank You, Nashoba Blueprint

Nashoba Blueprint, 433 Main Street Hudson, one of ARRT's earliest and most consistent supporters assisted with the preparation of our successful grant application by printing several copies of the 150+ page document. Thank you, Nashoba Blueprint for your support.

Volunteer Needed to Work with Wayside Trail

A volunteer is needed to serve as liaison between ARRT and the Wayside Trail. Michael Volk of Hudson is currently the only ARRT volunteer actively working on both projects. It would help Michael tremendously if there were another volunteer available to assist him.

Contact Michael Volk, 568-9101.