January Assabet River Rail Trail News 1995


Selectmen Support Feasibility Study

The Maynard Board of Selectmen recently wrote to MAPC requesting that the CTPS undertake a feasibility study of the Assabet River Rail Trail route. Maynard joins Hudson and Marlborough in requesting the feasibility study, which is a key step to having ARRT listed on the state’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).


Selectmen Express Interest and Support

On January 10, Acton resident Martin Graetz, accompanied by Jeff Richards and Dick Lawrence made a presentation to the Acton Board of Selectmen. The Selectmen expressed their support and interest in the project, and agreed to write to MAPC to request a feasibility study of the trail route..

Thank you, Martin, for a successful presentation.


Volunteers Make Presentation to Selectmen

On January 10, Jeff Richards and Dick Lawrence, accompanied by Stow resident Donna Jacobs made a presentation to the Stow Board of Selectmen. While expressing interest in the project, the Board requested that Jeff and Dick provide copies of letters that other towns have written in support of the feasibility study.

Next Volunteer's Meeting February 2 at Stow Library

The next volunteer's meeting will be held Thursday, February 2 at 7:00 p.m., at the Stow Public Library, junction of routes 62 and 117 in Stow. Topics include: Bikeways Conference; Earth Day activities; updates on logo, brochure, and volunteer’s guide; reports on presentations to selectmen and MAGIC.

Volunteers Make MAGIC Presentation

On January 12, several ARRT supporters made a presentation to the Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC). The volunteers provided MAGIC with an update on the project. According to Jeff Richards, MAGIC’s response to the project was favorable. In addition to Jeff Richards, the following volunteers attended: Dick Lawrence, from Hudson; Priscilla Ryder, representing Marlborough; Lisa Bailey and Eileen Ludlow, from Maynard; Kathryn Garcia from Acton; Roger Duchesneau from Stow.

Inline Club of Boston Newest ARRT Sponsor

The Inline Club of Boston, the greater Boston area’s largest inline skating organization, has become ARRT latest sponsor. ICB actively supports the development of safe places for inline skaters, including rail trails. With over 300 members, ICB is a welcome new sponsor to the ARRT development effort.

Bikeways Conference Planned for March 4

On Saturday March 4, at Hudson Catholic High School, the Coalition for the Assabet River Rail Trail, along with the Bicycle Coalition of Massachusetts, will sponsor a bikeways conference. Representatives from other organizations involved in the development and maintenance of rail trails and bike paths will be invited. Volunteers are needed to assist in the planning. Contact Jeff Richards, 568-1864.

Bikeway, Rail Trail Funding in State Transportation Bond Issue

The Legislature has recently approved over $12 million for DEM and Mass. Highways to: 1.) develop rail trail and regional bikeways, including on-street bicycle routes to urban centers, and to transit, rail, bus, and ferry connections; 2.) provide secure bicycle locking facilities at terminals; 3.) promote bicycle and pedestrian commuting. Source: Viewpoints: Massachusetts Greenways and Trails, Winter, 1994-95; Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management