July 2000

Tired of all this planning talk and political wheel spinning? After 7 years, there is in fact a short segment of the ARRT which is actually being built. For inspiration, go to Fairbanks Boulevard in Marlborough, next to the golf driving range; a real gravel base has been constructed and it is easy to imagine a completed rail trail.

Next Meetings: (generally start at 7:00 p.m.)

  • July 20, 2000 - Marlborough City Hall, 6:00 pm
  • August 17, 2000 - Acton Town Hall
  • September 21, 2000 Thursday 7:00 PM: Monthly ARRT meeting, Hudson Town Hall

    Our September meeting will be special event, featuring a history of the project. Refreshments will be served and the public is invited to attend!

  • October 19, 2000 Thursday 7:00 PM: Monthly ARRT meeting, Maynard Town Hall
  • November 16, 2000 Thursday 7:00 PM: Monthly ARRT meeting, Stow Public Library
Monthly ARRT meetings are open to the public. Anyone interested in our activities are invited to attend. Meeting are usually finished by 9:00 PM.

Marlborough - Hudson ARRT Survey Plans to be Reviewed

July 20, 2000 at 6:00 p.m. at Marlborough City Hall

In a special presentation by Nick Rubino of Earth Tech, ARRT volunteers and other interested parties are invited to preview the evolving design plans for the ARRT from Lincoln St. in Marlborough to the Main Street Bridge in Hudson (near PC Creames). The survey is complete, wetlands have been mapped, ownerships sorted out, hazardous waste assessment conducted, and issues have begun to be studied in detail. From 6:00 to 7:00 we will review these plans (14 sheets of drawings so far); then from 7:00 to 8:00 we will conduct our normal monthly meeting agenda. Refreshments to be served.

ARRT Incorporation papers filed
on July 11, 2000 ARRT Clerk, Duncan Power submitted our Articles of Incorporation to the Mass. Secretary of State's Office following pro bono legal review by Steve Moore. Many thanks to Duncan, Steve, George Mongeau, and Mark Geoffroy for getting all these documents together. By August, we should be able to apply for non-profit status with the IRS and open our own bank account.

Volunteers to assist Earth Tech in ARRT Master Plan Update
Earth Tech was selected as our planning consultant to prepare an up-to-date big picture plan of the ARRT. Acton, Stow, Marlborough, Maynard, and Hudson each contributed $2,000. to underwrite hiring Earth Tech. At the June meeting, the following individuals volunteered to conduct research assistance to support the Master Planning Work: Tom Kelleher, Acton; George Morey, Maynard; Don Rising and Mike Duclos, Stow; Peggy Rittenhouse and Dick Gelpke, Hudson; and Duncan Power for Marlborough. Three additional people are needed, preferably from Acton, Maynard and Marlboro, to round out this subcommittee; if interested, please call Jeff at (978) 464-5581. We hope to do this work over the next 3 or 4 months; an outline of tasks and schedule will be discussed at our July 20th meeting. Many thanks to the various Town Departments for funding, and to the participants for your time and continued dedication.

Intermunicipal Agreement
Michelle Ciccolo, Hudson Administrative Assistant, has drafted an agreement to formalize contractual relationships between the 5 ARRT Municipalities when working together on ARRT business. The 1998 ISTEA grant for trail acquisition in each Town, and design of the Marlboro-Hudson 4-mile segment, is the biggest example of this cooperative relationship; the Master Plan update will be a second example. On July 20, representatives from each Town will be meeting to review Michelle's draft. After this review, the agreement will go to Town Councils and then on to the Selectmen/Mayor's office for ratification. Our Town Meeting votes of 1998 and 1999 authorized the Selectmen in each Town to proceed in this direction.

Brigham Hill III Subdivision
in Hudson, is soon to be the subject of consideration by the Planning Board. This project is north of the Connector Road and abutts the west side of the ARRT. A preliminary subdivision plan has been filed and will be on the Board's agenda at their next meeting. A Hudson volunteer is needed to track this project and work with others to make sure the interests of the ARRT are addressed in the proposed development plan.

Maynard Heads Up
Town Planner, Carolyn Britt met with ARRT volunteers on June 20 to discuss current and near-future activities in Maynard which affect the ARRT. These include: Mill parking lot alterations, sidewalk re-construction along Main St., recurbing and repaving of Railroad St., and changes in ownership along the trail. We need to increase our presence and participation in Maynard. If interested, contact Duncan Power at dpower@ma.ultranet.com.

Newsletter Assistance needed
Writing and mailing. Call Jeff Richards at (978)464-5581. Thanks

Wayside Trail Clearings
July 22 and August 19,2000 join the Bay Circuit Alliance in Wayland and Sudbury to clear brush from the Central Mass Line. Contact Dick Williamson at williamson@ll.mit.edu.