June 2000 Newsletter

ARRT to Incorporate at June 22, 2000 Volunteers Meeting

All are invited to attend this historic event at 7:00 P.M. at the Randall Library in Stow (at juncture of Rte. 62 and Rte. 117). The Board of Directors to be voted in includes:

Jennifer C. Chen, Acton
Pat Cleland, Maynard
Roger Duchesneau, Stow
Michael B. Duclos, Stow
Martin Graetz, Acton
George Mongeau, Hudson
Duncan Power, Marlborough
Jeff Richards, Princeton
Don Rising, Stow

Duncan Power, Jeff Richards, and George Mongeau have volunteered to serve as President, Clerk, and Treasurer, though not necessarily in that order. After ARRT Articles of Incorporation are approved by the Mass. Secretary of State, we then apply to the IRS for non-profit status. It is hoped that by December 2000 we will complete this process.

Construction of ARRT segment in Marlborough Underway

Following a press conference in Marlborough this past March, the 3/4 mile "Stratus/Lucent ARRT segment"' south of Fitchburg St. commenced construction. The ARRT and the office park access road share the former Railroad ROW for the first 1300 linear feet south from Fitchburg St.; the 2500 linear feet. After the end of access road all the way up to Fairbanks Boulevard, is bike path free of roads. Spring 2001 is anticipated for the first ARRT opening.

Notice to Proceed... Proceeding

In the fall of 1997, we were awarded a $773K ISTEA grant for acquisition of trail rights along the entire ARRT & design of the Hudson-Marlborough 4-nijie segment. The grant amount was amended in 1998-99 to cover higher design costs. Since 1998 we have been lobbying Mass Highways to actually release the finding and issue the Notice to Proceed. In 1999, $1 05K for starting the design work with Earth Tech was released. From this, we now have a complete topographic survey of the Hudson-Marlborough segment. In May of 2000, the $226K design amendment portion of the grant was released and Earth Tech is now developing design plans. This week Michelle Ciccolo, Hudson's Assistant Administrator received Mass Highway's contract amendment for the $668K acquisition funding. In one to six months, we may in fact have our notice to proceed with land acquisitions.

Many thanks to all who have lobbied to secure these funds for the ARRT. With the "big dig", it is difficult to know what moves Mass Highways; no doubt Senator Pamela Resor's letter to Secretary Kevin Sullivan and efforts by our other Reps. have helped. The ARRT is becoming real; our collective voices can make a difference. Please continue the chorus.

ARRT Published

MA Dept.of Environmental Management recently issued Creating Greenways - A Citizen 'S Guide. The ARRT, w/ pictures in Hudson and Maynard, is featured.

Acton Town Meeting - April 2000

This spring, articles were placed in the Acton Annual Town Meeting Warrant, asking voters to a.) approve local funding match for design and construction of the 2-mile South Acton to downtown Maynard portion of the ARRT; and, b.) approve local funding for a CTPS Feasibility Study of a second bike path in northern Acton along the proposed Bruce Freedman Trail. The ARRT article was withdrawn due to some wording technicalities; and the other article was easily approved. Anticipate spring 2001 ATM for Acton-Maynard action.

Crow Island and Track Road in Stow are the subject of efforts by the Stow Conservation Trust (SCT), the Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT), and ARRT volunteers to structure an offer to owner Robert AIbright for his 2-mile stretch along the Assabet River.

Metropark in Marlborough unveils plans, which include half-mile ARRT

The Marlboro Conservation Commission continues its NOI review June 15, 2000 of Parkway plans, submitted by John Deli of Metropark. The proposed Parkway is located north of Fitchburg St., directly opposite the Stratus/Lucent access. Plans by Assabet Valley Regional Vocational High School for expansion of their athletic fields along this segment of the ARRT are also being developed. Metropark enthusiastically looks forward to beginning construction in fall, 2000. This includes building 2400 linear feet of the ARRT from Fitchburg Street north to the Connector Road. Thanks to John Deli for his initiative and support. Questions: call Priscilla Ryder, Marlboro Conservation Officer at (508) 460-3768.

Bid-opening June 15, 2000

Acton, Stow, Hudson, Marlborough and (hopefully) Maynard issued a RFP to hire a consultant to prepare an up-to-date ARRT Master Plan. The plan would look at all the various ARRT segments, refine the proposed trail alignment, identify how all the pieces fit into the bigger picture, develop cost estimates, and detail a phasing plan from now until the completion of the entire ARRT.

Volunteers Wanted to participate in this master planning effort. We would like to set up a "steering committee", with 2 representatives from each Town/City to work with the selected consultant. Research by volunteers is an essential aspect of this project. Interested? Call Jeff Richards at (978) 464-5581.

Mailing List Update

We are working to update our mailing list. If you received this newsletter mailing and need to either correct your listing in some way or no longer wish to be on our mailing list, please contact Duncan at dpower@ma.ultranet.com or Jeff at (978) 464-5581.

More info at ARRT Website

Details on our Articles of Incorporation and other ARRT information is available at http://www.ultranet.com/~tkell/arrt/ Many thanks to Tom Kelleher for being our ARRT webmaster.

Wish to Donate a Tree for the ARRT?

As the ARRT begins to become more tangible, it becomes possible to make tangible donations to benefit the trail. In collaboration with our business and municipal partners, it is now possible to donate a tree that will be planted along the ARRT. For details, call Jeff at (978) 464-5581.