Maynard Special Town Meeting
Monday October 28, 2002

Article 5: BORROWING RAIL TRAIL To see if the Town will vote to take by eminent domain, acquire in fee simple, accept as a gift, or acquire by lease, easement, or license, for recreational purposes in connection with the Assabet River Rail Trail project, all or part of two parcels of land collectively consisting of 6.88 acres, more or less, depicted on the Maynard Board of Assessors maps, plate number 18, Parcels 188 and 190, revised January 1, 1997, copies of which have been duly filed in the Office of the Town Clerk; and that the Selectmen as agents for the Town, have full and exclusive power and authority to defend, settle, compromise, make agreements and order payments of any and all claims, suits, and actions which may exist or arise from or on account of the acquisition by gift, lease, purchase, or taking by eminent domain the parcels of land with structures and trees thereon, if any, and any easements or other rights to be taken for the purposes set forth in this Article; and Further to borrow a sum of money not to exceed the sum of $750,000 to be used to carry into effect the purpose of this Article, said sum to include all costs, fees, and charges including but not limited to engineers, architects, design consultants and legal fees associated with the purposes of this Article; and further that the Board of Selectmen be hereby authorized to accept, expend and contract for any available State, Federal and other grant funds or forms of aid to be received in reimbursement for said acquisition, including without limitation applications to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the Urban Self-Help Act (Chapter 933, Acts of 1977, as amended), providing that the total authorized borrowing shall be reduced by the amount of state and or federal funds obtained for the purpose of carrying out said project; and Further that said properties be placed in the care and control of the Board of Selectmen in connection with said project.