November Assabet River Rail Trail News 2000

Acquisition funds available

October 26, 2000 press conference held by Senator Pam Resor, Senator Cheryl Jacques, & Mass Highway Commissioner Matt Amorello announced the Mass Highway Board's vote-to make available $654,280.00 for the acquisition side of our 1998 ISTEA grant. Hudson, Stow, Maynard, and Acton will finally have funds to work with to secure the ARRT right of way. Acquisition of the MBTA parcels by Hudson and Acton should happen in early 2001.

Following the announcement, attendees made a brief tour of the ARRT.

Representatives from each municipality and our Earthtech consultants provided running commentary.

Earthtech is soon to submit 25% design plans to Mass Highway. Commissioner Amorello pledged to have construction plans out to bid by late 2001 for the Hudson and Marlborough sections. Many many thanks to all who have worked hard and lobbied long to get these funds working for the ARRT.

Cocco Building in Maynard

and selling off a sliver of Town ARRT land is the subject of current Selectmen consideration. In moves to foster economic revitalization, a developer asked Selectmen to sell land; Maynard Consulting Planner Carolyn Britt asked ARRT Inc. Board for opinion; ARRT letter of Oct. 31 identifies sliver of land that could be sold without compromising implementation of the rail trail.

Hudson: Affordable Interior Systems slated to donate $10K to the town of Hudson for Rail Trail project following successful passage of Town Meeting vote authorizing favorable property tax classification.

ARRT Nov. 15 Meeting

Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 7:00 p.m. at the Randall Library in Stow to feature slide presentation by Craig Della Penna. Craig is the Rails to Trails New England Region Rep, a history buff, and an engaging champion of rail trails.

Meeting Agenda:
7:00 Welcome; refreshments
7:10 Slide Show by Craig Della Penna
8:00 Questions, Answers, Discussion
8:30 ARRT business:
- Town updates; Hudson Town Mtg.
- An ARRT fundraising committee?
- Press contacts liaison
- Updating our Brochure; progress
- Marlboro Public Library ARRT display
- Our winter and spring calendar
9:15 Adjourn

Nov. 20, 2000 Hudson Town Meeting needs ARRT support

Article 4 of the Hudson Town Meeting proposes $50 K match to leverage FY02 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Grant. The combined local and State funding would complete 100% design of the ARRT from the Main St. Assabet River Bridge east to the proposed park and ride/ trail head at Wilkins Street. Parking for 25 to 40 cars is to be planned, following wetlands delineation and other environmental assessment. The trail head is strategically located at the crossing of the ARRT and the Wayside Trail. Please plan to attend and support article. Each vote is critical. Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. Thank you.

Hudson Billboard across from PC Creames to feature ARRT; stay tuned. Thanks to Carol Jonietz, Michelle Ciccolo, and Joey MacAloney for advertising concept development,